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  Everyone needs friends in their lives, no one can live alone, they need friends to share their sorrow and happiness, so that they can keep the good mood. But even the marriage needs to run in the long term, for friendship, people will confront all kinds of problems, the one who can deal with the problems well will maintain the friendship. When you have argument with your friends, both of you do not want to give in, at this time, you need to calm down and be general, you can release the intense atmosphere。In a few days, when both of you have calmed down, the argument is nothing but a small interlude. Sometimes your friend will work in another place, if you two are lazy to contact with each other, friendship is easy to lose as the time went by. Maintaining friendship is not easy.



  s the development of computer, people count on computer so much, now most businesses are done online, trading online saves people a lot of time and it is very convenient. As more and more people choose to shop online, there comes the relative services, the most important one is express deliver. Many years ago, express deliver is not that popular, now it becomes the main tool for people to receive online products. Express deliver is very fast, the companies make the promise that the customers can get their products in three days. Many years ago, people can get their things in a week, now express deliver shorten the time. What’s more, the express deliver can deliver the products to the customers’ homes, people don’t have to go out, how convenient it is. I like to use express deliver, it facilitates my life and saves me a lot of time.



  When we are small, the teacher told us that we should help others, offering help to someone who is in need of help is Chinese tradition. Today, we see people give their hands to the old and the weak, we are happy to see that, but some negative examples exist at the same time. It has been reported that a woman was jumping off a bridge, many people saw it, but they just took out their cellphones and took the picture, no one tried to stop the woman. It is so angry that people become so cold blooded, they just like the murders. We need to offer people help, but we must take care of our security, or we not only fail to rescue people, but also lose our lives. Saving people sometimes needs to use wisdom, if we can persuade them from killing themselves, we are successful in stopping the tragedy.



  Once people were asked if they felt happy, most people did not know how to answer, to their hesitation, they were not satisfied with their situation. Today, people are under great pressure, they live in a fast-paced way. They have worked so hard to satisfy their meets, but what they want is far out of their reach, so they feel tired and not happy. Happiness could be an easy thing, only if people are easy to be satisfied, they can be happy for having a vacation and having dinner with their parents, these things are easy to be ignored. When people are ambitious, they want more, they don’t realize what they have is more than other people, other people want to be one of them. So when you feel unhappy, why don’t you look at the things you have, you will realize you are a happy man.



  here is a famous song called Never Say Never, it is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics tell people no matter what happens, never to give up, then you will be successful if you are stick on. Before, I believe in those words, I think if people insist, they can do everything. But last week, I saw a TV show, a scholarship told people to learn to give up sometimes, and they could gain more. He explained that he met a boy who was not good at studying, but he was skilled in cooking, so he encouraged the boy to give up studying the major that he was not good at and learned to be a cook. And now, the boy is a famous cook, it proves that give up is not a bad thing, people need to find the right place, or they will not successful.


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